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Amalgam PC is committed to providing you the best computer repair services available. We build our own custom software to ensure every computer is repaired efficiently and our customer's data is handled appropriately. No insecure cloud backups, no frustrating remote connections, no nonsense.

We build custom pico-servers. We can construct custom routers, backup devices, printer networking adapters, or literally anything else you can invent.

As a Linux sub-distro vendor (Arch Linux at its core, for the penguinistas in the audience), we provide our customers with a purpose-built OS for desktops and laptops that is fast, efficient, and secure. We provide extras and custom configuration over the base Linux distro to make it as worry-free and problem-resistant as modern technology allows.

UPCOMING - We will be publishing podcasts and videos to teach and inform people of every level.

We offer information via phone and office visit to local residents. These services are provided on a pay-optional system. Pay what you feel is fair, when you can. No one is ever required to pay for these services. We are looking into a patreon account for those of you who want to pledge a small donation to keep this information free and available to others. If you believe in freedom of information, consider making a donation, and never hesitate to ask us questions. We do not require payment for these specific services, and have no plans to change that.

Sauk City and Prairie du Sac's premier computer repair facility, celebrating seven years of continued service to the community. Thank you to everyone we've met over the years, and welcome to those we have yet to meet!

Telephone: (608) 448-6370
Location: 404 Phillips Blvd, Sauk City, WI 53583