Arcturus Linux
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A Debian-based fully automatic Linux distro intended for use by everyone, regardless of skill level.

A single OS for everything - supporting PCs, Macs new and slightly old (G5/Intel, support for all G-series Macs planned), single-board computers, MIPS and S390x based systems, and even gaming consoles.

Integrated support for system emulation, allowing any computer to run nearly any program - provided they've got the power for it.

A simple rolling-release upgrade path - update often, never reinstall.

Access to the full program list of the source Debian distro, and then some. Thousands of programs available, updated frequently.

Completely automated setup - your IP at time of installation determines the correct language and time settings, and the local time zone is calculated on each connect.

Updates managed remotely - just hit update and walk away. Even better, all updates are manually triggered. The system doesn't pester you to install them, doesn't break your system when you need it most, and puts you back in control.

Remote support with no loss in system security - Amalgam Connect only runs when you tell it, and allows our technicians to repair most issues with no further user intervention. Need to break the connection? Just close the Amalgam Connect window and you're disconnected. No big brother here - we can only connect when you want us to.

Even more features planned!

Arcturus Linux is available now. Contact us at (608) 448-6370 for installation options.

For power users and administrators, Debian Testing or (for Debian extended ports, Debian Unstable) can be converted with this script.

A dedicated installer is planned for limited platforms, but is not available at this time.