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Programming API for added Arcturus libraries

Additional functionality for Bash is provided in Arcturus Linux. The specific Bash libraries available is dependant on which packages are currently installed. These libraries can be called by any Bash script on the system by adding the line
source arcturus-[library name]-lib
to your script at any time, after which these additional functions can be called and used.

As the files are Bash scripts, full source is provided with limited documentation. The files are all named arcturus-[library]-lib, and are available in the /usr/bin folder on any Arcturus Linux system.

These libraries are provided under the BSD License. Use them as you will, but no warranty or guarantee is provided, implied or otherwise. These tools are used internally and via the additional tools provided with the OS, and can be used to write Bash scripts in less time than Bash already provides.

A directory of available API calls and full documentation generated automatically from the source will be available here when completed.